scott lund - abstract artist

“Beauty is everywhere

and in everyone.

We just need to look for it.”

Scott Lund

artist’s vision

“My art is inspired by neglected objects all around us.  Behind old buildings, down empty alleyways, and abandoned in fields, I look closer and discover awe inspiring abstractions.  These hidden treasures are beautiful scars born of life's chaotic dance between the elements, decay, and creation.


Neglected people also exist all around us—people we too often ignore for a variety of unenlightened reasons.


When you enjoy my art, let the story of its improbable origin inspire you to reach out to another person.  Take the time to really listen to their mind and heart.  Suspend judgment.  Discover, appreciate, and even come to love their soul’s unique goodness and inner beauty.  You may even want to start with yourself.


Beauty is everywhere and in everyone.  We just need to look for it.  As we discover this hidden beauty, love will increase between us all.” – Scott Lund

artist bio

Scott Lund is a Norwegian-American contemporary abstract artist and fine art photographer.  Numerous pieces of his art have received special recognition in juried international art competitions with jurors citing his artwork as being "exceptional" and "outstanding."  His artwork has been displayed in solo and group art exhibitions.  He is based in the Southwestern United States. 


Scott’s unique artistic vision enables him to instinctively compose and create beautiful, emotionally-reactive fine art photographic abstractions from small details in the universe around us.


Scott feels artistic kinship with pioneering experimental abstract photographers like Paul Strand and Aaron Siskind, who discovered “the drama of objects.”  His art  often shares a spiritual or visual connection with the work of various abstract expressionist painters like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning.  Scott admires the combination of art and social activism being practiced by contemporaries like Benjamin Von Wong and Trey Ratcliff.


A self-taught artist, Scott’s creative passions encompass drawing, painting, and photography (and even some songwriting).  He discovered his passion for abstract photography when he began doing close-up nature photography but then discovered equally beautiful subjects in urban environments.


As an art activist, Scott hopes the unique and unlikely subjects of his art will metaphorically inspire us all to rehumanize our interactions.  With sincere interest and authentic caring we can rediscover the beautifully multi-faceted human beings behind the one-dimensional titles and labels we too readily place on each other.


Beyond his art, Scott is a leadership and life coach.  His formal education includes an MBA from the Wharton School at UPenn and a BA in Economics from BYU.

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